Monday, September 20, 2010

Chile Celebrate Bicentennial with Craft

I am spending a month in Chile, where I spent the first six years of my life. It just so happens that I decided to come, with my mother and sister, during Chile’s celebration of their 200thanniversary of their independence from Spain. To celebrate, we went to a fonda (a Chilean party which celebrates the day of their independence). There were a few fondas happening at the same time around Santiago but the one I went to was at Parque Ines de Suarez in Providencia (located in the north-east section of the capital). Through out the park were booths featuring Chilean artisans from different parts of the country with their specialized crafts. One was able to find jewelry, clothing, woodcraft, toys, leatherwork, etc. The party also had traditional Chilean food, sweets, dancing and everything you want for a celebration!

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